Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Miracet Quit Smoking Testimonial

After 9 years of smoking I made the choice to quit smoking once and for all.  I am a trained homeopathic I constantly tell my clients to avoid putting toxins into their body , eat healthy proper nutrition and avoid smoking. I recently lost two of my regular clients after they caught me out smoking. I was so angry at myself I know it was wrong and I understand if people want to call me a hypocrite. I had a rough upbringing which lead me to smoking and hanging with the wrong crowd.

I wanted to quit smoking in a natural way I looked up hypnosis but the next clinic was a 9hr drive. So I did the next best thing I looked online for another alternative. A lot of people recommended the nicotine patches and inhalers but what got me was why would people want to put nicotine back into their body when their trying to stop smoking it. I just couldn’t imagine how that was a good thing for the body.

I then came across Miracet Stop Smoking Treatment their wasn’t many reviews online about the product so I am guessing it may be new on the market. I was so pleased to see an all-natural alternative to quit smoking. The ingredients where a formula of ancient herbs and medicine which I was so excited about it promised a detoxifying remedy to not only quit smoking but to also restore the bodys natural health and eliminate built up toxins. I got my order within a week and also received a bonus quit smoking cd which I listen to at night before I fall asleep.

I started noticing the cravings disappear after the first few days of taking Miracet Stop Smoking Treatment!

I am still using the product and its just been over a month now that I haven’t had one cigarette which I am very proud of. After the 4th day I started to felt really ill and spent a whole day on the toilet vomiting it was disgusting to see a near blackish vomit. I could feel the toxins start to exit my body. I started to feel better after a week my energy picked up and the thought of having a cigarette only passed my mind once and I felt the willpower to just say no.

I contacted my old clients and apologised for offending them and explained how I was on my own path of recovery. One of the clients forgave me and returned to my practice. I feel my life energy is starting to flow through my body and I am becoming all that I ever wanted to be a healthy happy toxic free being. Thankyou Miracet Stop Smoking Treatment!